What Is Scaffolding Coupler

Scaffold couplers are the basic components that are used to assemble tube and coupler scaffolding. Scaffolding couplers are designed to join two scaffold tubes at a different angle.

Scaffolding couplers are different depending on the region you are operating in. This is why we have British type couplers, German type couplers, Italian type couplers, and American type clamps.
If your job site is in the UK, consider using double couplers and swivel couplers can be connected to a tube, these scaffolding couplers are electro-galvanized or zinc plated. The couplers are with T bolts and the nuts size is 21mm.

If your job site is in Germany, consider using right angle couplers and swivel couplers can be connected to tubes, these scaffolding couplers are hot-dipped galvanized. The coupler nuts size is 19mm or 22mm.
If your job site is in America, consider using right angle clamps and swivel clamps that can be connected to tubes, these scaffolding clamps are hot-dipped galvanized. These clamps are heavy-duty type and look more rigid and stronger than other couplers.

All tubes and couplers are manufactured to stringent quality specifications and go through rigorous testing and checking before being shipped to customers, including:

-Testing to meet ANSI/SSFI, EN, BS, and AS/NZS requirements
-Testing to meet EN74-1, one of the most stringent clamp testing standards in the world
-Testing by SGS which is a renowned third-party testing company.

Why choose Hiscaffold scaffolding coupler

Fortunately, Hiscaffold can supply all these different scaffolding couplers. please kindly contact us for more information.

In addition, Hiscaffold is committed to the continuous improvement of its products and customizing scaffolding components as per customers’ requirements as well. Hiscaffold will be your reliable and trustworthy scaffolding supplier and partner.

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