What Is Formwork Tie Rod

The formwork tie rod is a type of threaded tie bar. It is metal building tie rods used for your concrete construction. You can call it scaffolding tie bar, concrete tie bar, shuttering tie bar, structural steel tie rods, etc.

Type of formwork tie rod

1. Dywidag hot rolled tie bars

Dywidag tie bars are discontinuously threaded rebars. It is a type of hot-rolled concrete tie rod. Among the hot-rolled dywidag tie rod, the sizes of dw 15 and dw20 are the most popular sizes.

Hiscaffold’s dywidag type concrete tie rods are made from 830 and 930 steel grades. The ultimate load of the 15mm hot-rolled dywidag bars is reaching 201KN. Thus, the dywidag threaded concrete tie rod is also called heavy load capacity construction rebar. Discontinuous threaded make the concrete tie rods self-cleaning in construction after working from the concreting.

2. Cold rolled tie bars

Compare to hot rolled dywidag bars, the cold-rolled concrete tie rods are threaded from a steel round bar structure. According to the steel grade, Hiscaffold can supply S235, S450, and 42CrMo cold roll steel coil rods for your construction. The different steel structure grade brings your different grade of concrete tie rods. Take D16(15/17mm) sizes for an example:

  • S235 steel grade D16 concrete tie rods ultimate test result: 95KN
  • S450 steel grade D16 tie rod: the maximum load is 145KN
  • 42CrMo steel grade tie rod in 16mm: load capacity can reach 190KN

The cold-rolled concrete tie rods are at a lower cost and cheaper price than the dywidag hot rolled tie bars. Thus, this type of tie rods is used popularly in normal civil and commercial constructions. In the other words, the hot-rolled dywidag tie rods are expected heavier and bigger breaking loads.

For more information, please kindly check our formwork tie rod video and feel free to contact us.

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