Ringlock Scaffolding Components

As an OEM Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturer, Hiscaffold’s European Ringlock Scaffolding Conforms to EN12810 European Standards.

We all know Layher Allround Scaffolding is a type of European Standard Ringlock Scaffolding. Hiscaffold’s Ringlock Scaffolding is 100% compatible with Layher Allround Scaffolding and other brands’ Ringlock Scaffolding because our size and parameter are the same as certified European Standard Ringlock Scaffolding.

Hiscaffold’s European Ringlock Scaffolding surfaces are hot dipped galvanized. Hiscaffold can offer customized Logo&Mark for Your Brand free of charge.

In Ringlock Scaffolding Manufacturing, Hiscaffold’s European Ringlock vertical standards are fabricated from S355 steel grade scaffold tubes. S355 is a higher strength steel grade for Ringlock system, which is much higher load strength than the S235 steel grade Ringlock system scaffold. European steel grade S355 is equivalent to domestic Q345. Hiscaffold can supply three types of spigot joints for vertical standards, they are pressed spigot, bolted spigot, and hanging spigot. The pressed spigot is the most common use spigot in European Ringlock Scaffolding because it is safer and stronger.

Hiscaffold supplies European Ringlock Scaffolding Components to Germany, Poland, France, Sweden, UK, Italy and etc. Our Ringlock Scaffolding products have always been recognized and praised by clients.

Hiscaffold’s European Ringlock Scaffolding basic components include Ringlock Standards, Ringlock O Ledger, Ringlock Diagonal, Ringlock O type Steel Decks, Ringlock Base Collar, Ringlock U Ledger, Ringlock U type Steel Decks, Ringlock Truss Ledger, Ringlock Wall Tie, Ringlock Base Jack, Ringlck Side Bracket and etc.

European Ringlock Scaffolding Basic Components

Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
10050Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*500mm3.20
10100Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*1000mm5.70
10150Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*1500mm8.20
10200Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*2000mm10.50
10250Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*2500mm13.20
10300Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*3000mm15.40
10400Ringlock Standard w/Pressed in Spigot48.3*3.2*4000mm20.30

Ringlock O type Ledger

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
11073Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*730mm3.45
11109Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*1090mm4.78
11140Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*1140mm5.96
11157Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*1570mm6.62
11207Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*2070mm8.50
11257Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*2570mm10.39
11307Ringlock O type Ledger48.3*3.2*3070mm12.28

Ringlock U type Ledger

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
12073Ringlock U type Ledger730mm2.80

Ringlock Diagonal Brace

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
13073Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*730mm8.03
13109Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*1090mm8.41
13140Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*1140mm8.85
13157Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*1570mm9.42
13207Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*2070mm10.10
13257Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*2570mm11.20
13307Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000mm*3070mm12.38

Ringlock O type Truss Ledger

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
22157Ringlock O type Truss Ledger1570mm9.40
22207Ringlock O type Truss Ledger2070mm12.50
22257Ringlock O type Truss Ledger2570mm17.90
22307Ringlock O type Truss Ledger3070mm19.20

Ringlock U type Truss Ledger

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
12157Ringlock U type Truss Ledger1570mm9.80
12207Ringlock U type Truss Ledger2070mm12.80
12257Ringlock U type Truss Ledger2570mm18.50
12307Ringlock U type Truss Ledger3070mm19.40

Ringlock U Transom Reinforced

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
12109Ringlock U Transom Reinforced1090mm5.90
12140Ringlock U Transom Reinforced1400mm7.70

Ringlock Base Collar

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
10025Ringlock Base Collar250mm1.74

Ringlock O type Steel Deck

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
29073Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*730mm6.70
29109Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1090mm9.27
29140Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1400mm11.34
29157Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1570mm13.15
29207Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*2070mm14.47
29257Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*2570mm19.74
29307Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*3070mm23.04

Ringlock U type Steel Deck

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
19073Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*730mm6.16
19109Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1090mm8.82
19140Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1400mm11.05
19157Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*1570mm12.17
19207Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*2070mm15.45
19257Ringlock O type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*2570mm19.55
19307Ringlock U type Steel Deck320mm*76mm*1.5mm*3070mm23.87

Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
21073Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer730mm1.50
21109Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer1090mm2.20
21140Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer1400mm2.50
21157Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer1570mm3.00
21207Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer2070mm5.10
21257Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer2570mm6.50
21307Ringlock U Lift Off Preventer3070mm8.20

Ringlock Board Bracket O Type

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
24039Ringlock Board Bracket O Type390mm4.00
24073Ringlock Board Bracket O Type730mm6.00

Ringlock Board Bracket U Type

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
14039Ringlock Board Bracket U Type390mm4.70
14073Ringlock Board Bracket U Type730mm6.50

Ringlock Wall Tie Tube

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
70030Ringlock Wall Tie Tube300mm2.10
70050Ringlock Wall Tie Tube500mm2.80
70080Ringlock Wall Tie Tube800mm3.60
70120Ringlock Wall Tie Tube1200mm4.50

Ringlock Adjustable Base Jack

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
Ringlock Adjustable Base JackDia38mm*730mm2.10
Ringlock Adjustable Base JackDia38mm*1090mm2.80
Ringlock Adjustable Base JackDia38mm*1400mm3.60
Ringlock Adjustable Base JackDia38mm*1570mm4.50
Ringlock Adjustable Base JackDia38mm*2070mm5.40

Ringlock Swivel Base Jack

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
Ringlock Swivel Base Jack600mm4.20

Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
940073Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck730mm7.30
940109Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck1090mm10.10
940157Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck1570mm13.30
940207Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck2070mm17.60
940257Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck2570mm20.60
940307Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck3070mm25.00

Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck With Ladder

Items No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
945257Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck With Ladder2570mm25.90
945307Ringlock Aluminum Access Deck With Ladder3070mm29.60
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