Ringlock Verticals

Ringlock verticals are also called Ringlock standards, They are made of steel tube Ø48.3×3.2mm, hot dipped galvanized.
-Perforated discs at a distance of 0.5m for up to eight connections, fixed with bolted spigot
-The discs provide vertical support when attaching horizontal ledgers and diagonal braces.


Ringlock Scaffolding Supplier

As a professional ringlock scaffolding OEM service provider, we can supply qualified ringlock scaffolding to European market and North American market

Ringlock Verticals

Item No.NameDescriptionWeight(LBS/PC)
RV10Ringlock Verticals1 Ring Standard w/ spigot6.90
RV33Ringlock Verticals2 Ring Standard w/ spigot12.30
RV411Ringlock Verticals3 Ring Standard w/ spigot17.70
RV66Ringlock Verticals4 Ring Standard w/ spigot23.10
RV82Ringlock Verticals5 Ring Standard w/ spigot28.50
RV910Ringlock Verticals6 Ring Standard w/ spigot33.80

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