Ringlock Diagonal Brace

Ringlock Diagonal Brace is made of steel tube Ø 48.3 x 2.5 mm, hot dip galvanized
– With swiveling wedge heads
– For bracing the vertical scaffold structure


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As a professional ringlock scaffolding OEM service provider, we can supply qualified ringlock scaffolding to European market and North American market

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Ringlock Diagonal Brace

Item No.NameSizeWeight(KGS/PC)
13073Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000*730mm8.03
13104Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000*1040mm8.41
13140Ringlock Diagonal Brace2000*1400mm8.85
13157Ringlock Diagonal Brace 2000*1570mm9.42
13207Ringlock Diagonal Brace 2000*2070mm10.10
13257Ringlock Diagonal Brace 2000*2570mm11.20
13307Ringlock Diagonal Brace 2000*3070mm12.38

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