Kwikstage Tie Bar

Kwikstage Tie Bar have pins at each ends which fit in holes of 2 and 3 board hop up brackets to prevent the brackets from spreading and the planks from becoming dislodged.
– Steel, hot dip galvanized or painted
– Used whenever 2 or 3 board stage brackets are fitted and ensure positive location of the boards.


Kwikstage Scaffolding Supplier

As a professional kwikstage scaffolding OEM service provider, we are now supplying hot dipped galvanized and painted kwikstage scaffolding to Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, etc..

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AS/NZS 1576.2 Certified Kwikstage Tie Bar

NameSizeGalvanized Item No.Weight(KGS/PC)
Kwikstage Tie Bar700mmKTB0700G1.90
Kwikstage Tie Bar1200mmKTB1200G3.10
Kwikstage Tie Bar1800mmKTB1800G4.60
Kwikstage Tie Bar 2400mmKTB2400G5.90

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