Kwikstage Ladder Beam

Kwikstage Ladder Beams are made of steel, hot dip galvanized or painted.
– Steel tube Ø48.3×4.0mm, hot dip galvanized or painted
– Span over difficult access locations


Kwikstage Scaffolding Supplier

As a professional kwikstage scaffolding OEM service provider, we are now supplying hot dipped galvanized and painted kwikstage scaffolding to Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, etc.

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Kwikstage Ladder Beam

NameSizeGalvanized Item No.Weight(KGS/PC)
Kwikstage Ladder Beam4200mmKLB4200G54.50
Kwikstage Ladder Beam6300mmKLB6300G81.30
kwikstage ladder beam sizes can be customized as per requirement

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