Haki Guardrail Frame

Haki Guardrail Frames provide horizontal support and protection for haki system scaffolding.
– Steel, hot dip galvanized or painted
– Haki horizontal component



Haki Scaffolding Supplier

As a professional haki scaffolding OEM service provider, we can supply hot dipped galvanized and painted haki scaffolding components.

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Haki Guardrail Frame

NameSize Item No.
Haki Guardrail Frame720mmSKRV0.72
Haki Guardrail Frame1200mmSKRV1.2
Haki Guardrail Frame1600mmSKRV1.6
Haki Guardrail Frame2450mmSKRV2.45
Haki Guardrail Frame3000mmSKRV3.0

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