How To Assemble Ringlock Scaffolding-Height Assembly

Ringlock scaffolding height assembly

Place standards onto start units. Assemble U-transoms and ledgers for the next lift.
The maximum distance between lifts is 2. 0m. Select U-transom and secure the plank or platform against wind uplift.

ringlock standards on start unit
ringlock vertical diagonal brace and horizontal plan brace

When using stage brackets on the inside of the scaffolding the space between the main platform and platform at the stage bracket must be covered or provided with a ledger.

Ringlock scaffolding dismantling

Start dismantling at top lift by knocking the wedges of the horizontals and U-transoms, remove tow board and toe board clip.
When horizontals and toe boards are dismantled and removed from the top lift continue to dismantle the lift below in the following order; planks or platforms, U-transoms, standards, diagonal braces, ledgers, and anchoring.
Dismantle lift by lift according to this description until the bottom section.
Leave ledgers and U-transoms fixed in start units of the bottom section and remove the standards out of start units. Dismantle the remaining bottom section items.

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