How To Assemble Ringlock Scaffolding-Connection Assembly

How to assemble ringlock scaffolding?

Before assembling ringlock scaffolding, you have to know ringlock scaffolding products. The ringlock scaffolding is constructed by prefabricated steel components. Standards, ledgers, U-transoms, and diagonal braces that can be connected horizontally and vertically. Assembly rings are attached to the standards at a distance of 0.50 m with eight connection points for the assembly of ledgers and U-transoms. The standards have a length of 0.5m to a maximum of 4.0m. Scaffolding bays come in length 3.07m, 2.57m, 2.07m, and 1.57m. Horizontals are made in the same lengths and U-transoms are 0.3m, 1.09m, and 1.40m wide. All dimensions are based on center to center between standards.

Ringlock assembly of the connection point

The connection standard to horizontal is based on the wedge lock principle. This way the scaffolding reaches a 90° angle even with a loosely fixed wedge. By hammering the wedge a secure locking position is created. The upper and lower surface of the wedge clamp connects press against the standard tube creating an extremely rigid connection. (Referring to picture).
The wedge clamp on the ledger moves over the assembly ring.
The wedge lies on top of the ledger.
By fixing the wedge into one of the holes on the assembly ring and hammering the wedge a stable connection is created.

ringlock vertical standards
ringlock vertical stadnard
ringlock vertical standard horizontal ledger
ringlock standards assembly with horizontal ledgers

The connection ring has four small holes at a 90° angle in relation to each other. In the holes, the U-transoms and ledgers are fixed when a right angle is required. The right angle is automatically reached when hammering the wedge.

That is how to assemble ringlock scaffolding-connection assembly, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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