How To Assemble Ringlock Scaffolding-Bottom Assembly

Ringlock scaffolding-bottom section assembly

Place the adjustable base jacks in pairs at a measured distance in length and crossway. Placing the ledgers along the object can check the distance.

Start assembling on highest ground level. Any downward slope and uneven ground to be adjusted by the 0.50cm threaded adjustment base jack.

If necessary place suitable wooden plank under the base jack to cover both inner and outer standards in one piece to distribute the load. Ground below wooden packing needs to be packed to created a stable ground condition and if necessary wooden a wedge have to be used to make correct level.

layher base collar on adjustable base jacks
ringlock screw base jacks start unit and ledgers
layher base jacks base collars u ledgers
layher all round scaffolding ledgers

The maximum distributed load from base jacks to ground shall be dimensioned at 27kN.
On the treaded base jacks start units are assembled and connected with ledgers and U-transoms.
Before the wedges are fixed the horizontal items must be checked and levelled. After hammering the wedges the exact bottom structure of the scaffolding is ready to be continued in height and length.

That is how to assemble ringlock scaffolding- bottom section assembly, if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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